Commercial Real Estate Done Right

Based in the Flatiron our team of Brokers has negotiated hundreds of deals and has some of the most accurate market based economic statistics available across all classes of buildings in the area. We will help you maximize the value of your property by creating a leasing or sales program that focuses on your priorities.

We listen to your goals and help you understand where your property fits into the entire marketplace, once agreeing on the most efficient strategy we actively market your property to individual tenants, our tenant rep brokers, and the larger brokerage community actively showing and negotiating leases that will allow you to achieve the highest market value within the framework of the current marketplace.

Rice and Associates represents a portfolio of Downtown and Midtown properties for a select handful of owners. We have successfully repositioned and filled a multitude of properties, improving portfolio performance through a period of tremendous market challenge. We have built this success from a foundation that includes a team of seasoned and experienced brokers, a commitment to the Flatiron area, and the ability to recognize and add value to commercial real estate transactions. Rice and Associates was founded in the Flatiron over a decade ago by Doug Rice, a successful entrepreneur, and former founder and chief operating officer of Luminant Worldwide, (NASDAQ: LUMT) whose singular focus on client service and creative solutions provides the guidance and fundamental drive of our firm.

How can we help you?

  • We will provide you with detailed reports of recent closed transactions to give you ongoing insights into the monthly and quarterly market dynamics,
  • Assist you in prioritizing and utilizing ever-growing capital requirements to help distinguish your property and maximize your revenues,
  • Provide you with quarterly benchmark numbers helping you understand the micro activity happening across the localized marketplace
  • You will have a team of mature, experienced, and sophisticated brokers who work as a team to assure you are successful
  • Our entirely transparent process will always respect YOUR goals and help you maximize your asset

What we don't do!

  • We are not a management company, our singular focus on leasing and sales will allow you to continue ongoing management relationships. Our only goal is to lease your space
  • Our team will never allow your super or someone who cannot "sell" your space show your property. Our localized proximity and team of committed brokers allows us to cover every showing and meet the immediate needs of last minute broker and tenant requests to see your property
  • We will never compromise your trust and we will always be your partner in every transaction. Our honesty and transparency will allow you to see us as one of your team. We will look out for your best interests and help you navigate the complex marketplace we currently have the opportunity to maximize for your interests

So contact us to learn how we can help you achieve the highest value for your property in the context of a dynamic marketplace.

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