Commercial Real Estate Done Right

R&A is committed to being the best firm in our industry. We will work for you as part of your team, finding solutions that fit your goals, so you can successfully continue to focus on your business while we provide you with sound solutions for the future of your company.

Our brokers will provide you with:

  1. Detailed market overviews of the various types of real estate solutions in the market and submarkets that will work for your firm.
  2. We will listen to you about your organizations needs, requirements and goals. We will work with you to fully understand your short term and long term planning needs to assure your space sizing and lease will meet all of your growth and economic models.
  3. With a clear understanding of your goal we will quickly get you and your team of decision makers out to see spaces that we have thoroughly researched and will meet your needs. This is the beginning of an iterative process that will allow us to fully understand all of your key requirements, refine your view of the market, educate your team to both costs and budgeting needs and provide us with critical insights.
  4. In this initial time frame we will immediately refine our search parameters based upon your inputs and our interpretation of how best to identify the right space for you. Over time we will ultimately identify a range of potential solutions that will allow you and your team to make the right choice in identifying the right space for your goals.
  5. We aggressively negotiate terms that are in YOUR best interest to save you tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of your lease. Often managing multiple offers to assure you are able secure the best deal on your behalf.
  6. Once the business terms are agreed upon you will find we will work as much with you as your attorney will to assure you receive the most favorable lease terms possible.
  7. We will continue to support you firm as you are finalizing your lease by project managing the process to assure your ability to smoothly and immediately support your occupancy by making sure architects, designers, insurance, technology integrators and your HR and staff are able to efficiently plan for your occupancy of your space.

So go back to focusing on your business and allow us to do what we do best — helping you obtain the best possible leasing solutions in the market today.

On occasion we assist clients in residential real estate transactions. In accordance with Chapter 153 of the Laws of 2022, effective April 20, 2022, our standard operating procedures include the following requirements.
Prospective Clients for Home Sales or Purchases must meet the following requirements before receiving services:

  1. Prospective clients shall show Identification
  2. An Exclusive broker agreement is required
  3. Pre-approval for a loan is required.