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We work for you. As a tenant brokerage firm we bring tenants and buyers to the best space to suit their needs. It is our priority to identify and negotiate the best deal that will provide you with a successful transaction and allow you to stay focused on your business.

Our belief is founded on the concept that the Tenant is the most important piece of the real estate equation. You and your firm are the one's paying the rent every month after all. You're the reason the deal happens and you should be provided the strategic and creative solutions to your requirements.

No fees. We do not charge fees for our services. In New York City Landlords factor all of their leasing costs into the leasing transaction and pay the commissions as a matter of normal business. It is often also true in the case of building sales. However in many building sales transactions the buyer will also participate in the commission compensation as per a pre defined agreement on a case by case basis.

Why we do what we do. We are entrepreneurs who have all come to real estate from different backgrounds. Having had successful ventures in the past has given us a true insight into the needs and requirements of the right space for a company to be successful.

We have signed the rent checks for small lofts and offices up to 90,000/SF. Therefore we know what you are facing as you identify your next space. We know how important of a decision this is and believe that we CAN make a difference for you.

Meet Our Team
Doug Rice


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A tenant rep broker who understands the business. With a long history of starting up entrepreneurial companies, which have grown from a handful of employees to hundreds and even thousands of employees, Doug understands the importance of real estate and how it impacts business; from the planning, budgeting, finance and branding side of the equations.

Over his career he has worked with hundreds of companies to help them identify leasing solutions in support of their initiatives and brings the perspective that all business managers and owners value which is fully understanding the challenges and opportunities they are facing in making leasing decisions which will have a tremendous impact on their business.

Elissa Groh


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A founding partner in the firm Elissa has focused on the office segment of the business working with a full spectrum of users from the United Nations and boutique Financial Service Firms, to the more creative environments required by Advertising, Marketing, Design, Creative, Engineering and Architectural firms.

Elissa's background in the media and entertainment world provides her with clear insights in to the needs of midsized organizations with a focus on quality work spaces.

Elizabeth Juviler


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Elizabeth is a native New Yorker, graduate of Yale University, and brings her life long passion for this incredible ever-changing city to work every day. No two companies have the same real estate requirements, and she scours this remarkable city's skyline to locate the most sought-after office and loft spaces to satisfy her clients unique needs.

Elizabeth has assisted over 100 companies secure leases in both up and down markets; She has established a professional reputation based on integrity, resourcefulness, and determination.

Lidice Mendoza


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Lidice understands the importance of being flexible and accessible in an effort to meet the diverse needs of her clients. She will go above and beyond the call of duty to assist tenants with finding the right fit for their office or retail space needs and helps landlords find the ideal tenant for their offerings. Clients always come first, and no detail of their needs is ever overlooked. Reliable and responsible, she capably enjoys creating win-win situations for everyone involved in any given project.

Chris Plummer


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Finding a dedicated agent to tackle the needs of your evolving business can be a daunting task. Chris brings a varied and honed set of skills that make even the most complicated transaction a manageable reality. With a deep knowledge of the NY landscape and a team of venerable associates that are second to none, he has the determination to leave no requirement unmet. To make your first call to an agent your last call, reach out to Chris today.

Jeff Anderson


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Talent Beyond "just a broker," Jeffrey Anderson is a Credentialed Architect with a Masters in Urban Design.

The reason people set up shop in the world's most vibrant city? More opportunity than anyplace on earth. And if you look for it, there's also talent you won't find elsewhere, talent beyond "just a broker." Jeff Anderson is a credentialed architect with a master's in urban design. Jeff says his clients turn to him for more than leasing. "I've studied the work of architects who built the spaces I'm showing," Anderson says. "When clients find out my background they know I'm qualified to give them space advice." Anderson has found the right space for firms with very particular and sometimes non-negotiable specifications, including law practices, international shipping companies, financial services, media, and tech companies.

Kevin Chau


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Kevin's both a broker as well as an owner of Manhattan commercial real estate and brings his depth and experience of understanding all aspects of the transaction to his negotiations.

With a focus in both retail and office leasing Kevin has also been involved with complex business operations issues and is a principal shareholder in a New York based hospitality company.

Thomas Jacobs


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Thomas is a life–long New Yorker with a successful 20 year background as an entrepreneur, having founded and run multiple companies in Manhattan with one going public on the NASDAQ. The experience of managing complex real estate requirements and the necessity for finding appropriate office space in one of the most competitive markets anywhere has been an invaluable experience which he draws upon in both Landlord and Tenant representation. With the ability to understand and clearly articulate the myriad concerns and requirements that intersect in identifying the right real estate solutions come from a depth of personal experience as a Tenant and Landlord representative.

Stephan Brenot


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Stephan brings critical insights to the Tenant's experience whether they be entrepreneurs or long standing businesses. He has excelled in the very same roles as his clients and understands the complexities and challenges for European companies establishing or expanding their presence in New York.

Stephan is a member of the French American Chamber of Commerce, NY Chapter, he enjoys Burgundy wines, and fine dining, he is also an amateur opera singer and fortunate to sing in the City's most famous venues with his vocal ensemble, NY Choral.

Peter Baldo


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He understands the complex needs of the urban office environment and enjoys getting involved in every aspect of a transaction whether it be touring buildings, negotiating a deal, working with architects, or reviewing contracts. He often refers to himself as an in-house consultant rather than a sales agent because he is interested in growing with his clients at their pace and is in tune with their long term goals.

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