Commercial Real Estate Done Right


We work for you. As a tenant brokerage firm we bring tenants and buyers to the best space to suit their needs. It is our priority to identify and negotiate the best deal that will provide you with a successful transaction and allow you to stay focused on your business.

Our belief is founded on the concept that the Tenant is the most important piece of the real estate equation. You and your firm are the one's paying the rent every month after all. You're the reason the deal happens and you should be provided the strategic and creative solutions to your requirements.

No fees. We do not charge fees for our services. In New York City Landlords factor all of their leasing costs into the leasing transaction and pay the commissions as a matter of normal business. It is often also true in the case of building sales. However in many building sales transactions the buyer will also participate in the commission compensation as per a pre defined agreement on a case by case basis.

Why we do what we do. We are entrepreneurs who have all come to real estate from different backgrounds. Having had successful ventures in the past has given us a true insight into the needs and requirements of the right space for a company to be successful.

We have signed the rent checks for small lofts and offices up to 90,000/SF. Therefore we know what you are facing as you identify your next space. We know how important of a decision this is and believe that we CAN make a difference for you.

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