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Park Avenue

Park Avenue – Midtown East

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5,850 SF – Partial Floor – Sublease

Perfect Plug & Play opportunity for a creative user. Brand new modern installation with exposed ceilings featuring a mix of offices, open space, conference room and a wet pantry. Tenant controlled AC. Completely move in ready!

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Updated: June 21, 2017

Talent Beyond "just a broker," Jeffrey Anderson is a Credentialed Architect with a Masters in Urban Design.

The reason people set up shop in the world's most vibrant city? More opportunity than anyplace on earth. And if you look for it, there's also talent you won't find elsewhere, talent beyond "just a broker." Jeff Anderson is a credentialed architect with a master's in urban design. Jeff says his clients turn to him for more than leasing. "I've studied the work of architects who built the spaces I'm showing," Anderson says. "When clients find out my background they know I'm qualified to give them space advice." Anderson has found the right space for firms with very particular and sometimes non-negotiable specifications, including law practices, international shipping companies, financial services, media, and tech companies.

Midtown East

Midtown East, is an area of New York City's Midtown area which is home to world-famous commercial zones including Park Avenue and Madison Avenue for the highest quality offices for global corporate headquarters and leading financial service firms.

With Third Avenue and Lexington Avenue benefiting from better value and a mix of more modern buildings built later in the last century providing excellent column spacing and large floor plates.

Midtown Manhattan is home to the city's tallest and most famous buildings such as the Empire State Building and Chrysler Building.

Midtown East, is bounded by 34th Street and 59th Street, from Fifth Avenue to the East River, including the United Nations and is commonly referred to as The "Plaza District" for it's higher end offices along Park and Madison Avenues from 42nd to 59th Streets.

As New York's largest central business district, Midtown Manhattan is indisputably the busiest single commercial district in the United States, and among the most intensely and diversely used pieces of real estate in the world. The great majority of New York City's skyscrapers, including its tallest hotels and apartment towers, lie within Midtown. More than 700,000 commuters work in its offices, hotels, and retail establishments; the area also hosts many tourists, visiting residents, and students. Some areas have some of the most important clusters of retail real estate in the world.

Some text and images from List of Manhattan Neighborhoods at Wikipedia under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

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