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Tom has been an entrepreneur who has started and grown multiple companies across the technology, marketing, design and finance space including global software consultancy and a public traded company.

He brings a full understanding of business operations, finance, growth and real world real estate experience to all of his clients.

With an emphasis on helping Landlords achieve sound leasing strategies by balancing the unique goals of each situation against the entire portfolio he brings an asset managers view to balanced leasing strategies.

Thomas is a life–long New Yorker with a successful 20 year background as an entrepreneur, having founded and run multiple companies in Manhattan with one going public on the NASDAQ. The experience of managing complex real estate requirements and the necessity for finding appropriate office space in one of the most competitive markets anywhere has been an invaluable experience which he draws upon in both Landlord and Tenant representation. With the ability to understand and clearly articulate the myriad concerns and requirements that intersect in identifying the right real estate solutions come from a depth of personal experience as a Tenant and Landlord representative.

Because we have been both Tenants and Landlords we save considerable time and provide far more focused guidance because we share common professional ground. When working with property owners, we truly represent the perspective of the customer, and offer insightful marketing & sales strategies, not to mention having significant personal network from which to develop business.

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Tom's deep familiarity with the Lower Manhattan and Financial District buildings provides his clients with insights and value across the changing landscape of the Lower Manhattan office leasing.

He also represents multiple buildings in the SOHO / GV / Union Square submarkets as well as Landlords in Flatiron and NOMAD areas. He is always keeping on top of metrics across the entire city and carefully monitors market movements across these areas.

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